Thursday, February 13, 2020

So many NEW things!

Balance - Auditory - Visual - Exercise

Started by Bill Hubert of Kansas City, who is now teaching clinics all over the country and in many foreign countries as well. It involves over 300 exercises with bean bags and racket balls that develop focus, concentration, coordination, rhythm, listening skills and team work among many other things. Ms. Brown has been working with the middle school to learn 
 Bal -A - Vis  - X patterns and now Ms. Brown and I will work together to have the middle school students help teach the lower school ! This is a very exciting venture and I am thrilled to be working collaboratively with Ms. Brown to help our students. Please watch the videos below and see the concentration that develops almost immediately.

Visual Tracking and Hand Eye Coordination

Get those abs working!

Everyone's favorite arcade game...... Air Hockey